Borderline Strange Exercise Ritual

Pop quiz:

What is Veggie doing in this picture?

A) Attempting to throw a gang sign.

B) Giving mad props to former President George W. Bush.

C) Mindlessly running up a hill.

{I wish I could figure out how to type the answer upside down like magazine quizzes. Anyhoo: C.}

I’ve been running a lot of hills lately. Apparently the high intensity is great for my heart and means I can achieve more in less time. Sold!

My route du jour has a two-minute steep climb towards the beginning. That folks, is a warm up. Let’s couple that intensity with my tendency to check out mentally on runs. (That’s why I run! Total ‘me’ time.)

One day I checked back in and looked down to notice something strange. I was doing that weird “W” with both hands–huffing, puffing and running for all I was worth. Over the next few days, I realized that I mindlessly make the “W” often, always in stressful situations.

I’m not sure if crossing those fingers has some strange relaxation effect? Am I the only one who does it? I’d love to hear if you are a finger-crosser or if you have another odd exercise ritual. 

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