She Bakes Bread.

For Christmas 2010, my mom gave me The Breadbaker’s Apprentice.

For Christmas 2011, Vore gave me a Brotform, a mold used for bread’s rising.

Hint, hint, anyone?

Yesterday, while stuck at home, I got to work. Darn it if baking bread isn’t fun!


It’s not my first rodeo in the bread baking world, but this was my first time to try the pre-ferment method. Made in advance, these are said to improve the texture and structure of bread. There are three types mentioned in The Bread Baker’s Apprentice: Pate Fermentee, Poolish and Biga.

Italian bread calls for the Biga, so I used just that. The dough goes through 3 rise cycles. Once for the pre-ferment, once with the entire batch of dough and once after shaping. The image above shows the first two rises.

I divided the dough in half–one loaf and one set of rolls.

Aren’t they gorgeous? The faint lines on the loaf are from the Brotforman. (The big ones are my knife!) The crumb on this bread is delicious. Prepare to see more recipes from the book soon.


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