Tabata Sprint Playlist: Party Til You Puke!

On fateful day last year, Charlotte introduced me to Tabata sprints. What is tabata, you ask? Think 20 second bursts of all-out effort followed by 10 seconds of rest. For me, this is best done on the treadmill, as it has an easy-to-watch clock and the belt controls your speed. Traditionally, the torture lasts for 8 sprints, or 4 minutes.

My version of breathless. Numbers are blurry, just like my sprinting feet!

You will suck wind, wheeze, and wonder if you are at immediate risk of hear attack. If you are pale like me, your face will turn a shade of cherry that will have people asking if you’re in need of medical attention. BUT, you will feel like a rockstar when you finish. You’ll get crazy results in a hurry. You will run faster and get stronger. Worth it.

Last week, I saw Tina had posted an extended version of the classic tabata. I did this workout alone today and followed it exactly, adjusting the speeds to a level that challenged me most. Yes, I was red. Yes, Weight Warriors looked at me like I was on drugs. But I got a butt-kicking workout in 20 minutes.

Should you decide to try Tabata (Do it! Do it!) here’s a playlist to get you through. Giddy up.

Tabata Sprint Playlist: 

Slyde. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Ram Jam. Black Betty

Teddybears. CobraStyle

Gwen Stephanie. Wind it Up

Alien Ant Farm. Smooth Criminal

White Zombie. Thunderkiss 65* 

*Note: White Zombie is a freaky, dark, scary band. For what ever, this song makes me think I need to dig. Perhaps I’m running from what they are singing about?

Whatever works. 


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