How We Save Money: The Bean Edition.

Beans, beans good for the heart…

Quit your snickering. Beans are a super food! They are loaded with protein and fiber. The best part? They are cheap. Like really cheap, particularly if you buy the dried kind. This totally justifies the marginal extra cost to buy organic.

At Whole Foods, one can of organic black beans costs about $.99 and contains 3 servings. A 1-pound bag of dried organic black beans runs $2.99, and contains 12 servings. If you’re needing extra inspiration, there’s a $1 off coupon at WFM right now. That’s $.17 cents per serving. Dried beans for the win!

What’s that I hear? You’re complaining about the effort that goes into prepping dried beans? Madness! They’re easy. And dried beans are missing two big factors that I don’t like in the canned variety: sodium and pesky BPA. So, how are we to cook these bad boys?

Vore and I got a slow cooker for our wedding and I was determined to put it to use for beans. Guess what? It works great! Here are a few things I’ve picked up along the way:

  • You don’t have soak beans overnight with the slow cooker method, but I do find they retain structure better if you do. Cook time stays the same either way.
  • To cook, wash the beans and pick out any that look suspect. Put them in the slow cooker, cover with about three inches of water and set your cooker on low.
  • Most beans take about 6 hours to cook on low. If you can give them a stir every hour or so, do. It’ makes them cook more evenly.

Do you eat dried beans or canned? Have a favorite recipe to share? 

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