Fruit Free for All?

Today, I was browsing Fit Sugar (love that blog!) and ran across an article titled, “Is Fruit Bad for You?” They discuss the conflicting research I’m constantly seeing:

Theory 1: Fruit is chock full of antioxidants and among the healthiest things you can put on your plate. Pile it on!

Theory 2: Fruit is chock full of devilish sugar, which is making you fat. Eating fruit spikes your blood sugar just like a candy bar and makes you chubby. Avoid it.

Sadly, the only fruit in our house right now. We ate the rest!

And then there’s the Weight Watchers conundrum. Fruit used to be weighted with “points,” making it limited, while veggies were a free-for-all. And then they changed their tune and made fruit free as well. What’s a girl to do?

I’ve found that it’s all about balance. I love fruit, but try to monitor just how much I’m consuming. 2-3 servings a day gets me the nutritional benefit, but not the added inches.

What’s your take on fruit?

In other news, I thought I’d post this one for the skeptics. Today’s lunch included 25 grams of protein, without the meat. Take that, chicken breast!

Eggs with spinach and nutritional yeast, Spanish quinoa and green beans


4 thoughts on “Fruit Free for All?

  1. I love that you shared this. I’ve been seeing the same conflicting info, and I’m with you. It’s all about balance. Its so nutritious, that a little is okay. I like to sub fruit for dessert so I get something sweet everyday without eating copious amounts of processed sweets. 🙂

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