Non-Rap Songs to Get You Moving.

Vore's manly iPhone vs. my Nano. Despite their differences, there's nothing but love.

Vore and I don’t have the same taste in music. Not even close.

He prefers songs produced before we were born. Maybe the 80s if you’re lucky. I’m the blonde suburbanite who favors rap. I kept thinking I’d outgrow it. Didn’t happen.

I have a knack for making everything into a challenge, so why not our music differences? Could I scan my iTunes and compile a rockin’ playlist without one rap song? You bet your sweet beat I did. Turn it up loud:


Veggie’s Ultimate Rap-Free Workout

Ray Lamontagne. Henry Nearly Killed Me

Dispatch. Here We Go

Sarah Borges. I’ll Show You How

MOE. In a Big Country

A.R. Rahman. Jai Ho! (You Are My Destiny)

Florence and the Machine. Rabbit Heart (Raise it Up)

Adele. Rumor Has It.

Andy Hunter. Smile

Mute Math. Spotlight (Twilight Mix)

Nika Costa. Stuck to You

Ryan Adams. To Be Young

KO-S. Valhalla


2 thoughts on “Non-Rap Songs to Get You Moving.

  1. Umm…only read the first post and already in LOVE w/your blog! Thanks for sharing! Plan to visit it a ton! Let the rap music flow 😉

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