Personal Demons: The Food Kind.

An interesting article came through my Google Reader today from the ever-fabulsous Fit Sugar. It’s titled, “Even healthy foods are fattening: proper portion sizes for calorie dense foods.” Oh, the truth in that statement…

I’m all for fats. I eat nuts and oils and even (GASP) butter pretty much every day. But it’s a handful of nuts and a couple of teaspoons of oil. After all, how many people do you know who down an entire container of  hummus with the “healthy fat” defense? Sorry girlfriend. You just drowned the benefits in excessive calories.

Which brings me to my next point: Absolutely anything can be unhealthy if it triggers you to over eat. There are the 3  “healthy” things that I can’t have in the house:

Orange Juice. Chug-a-lug. I can’t drink just 8 ounces. I’ve been known to down a half gallon in two days. My solution: Eat an orange. There’s more fiber and it’s more satisfying.

Kashi Go Lean Crunch. I refer to this as “Kashi Crack.” It’s got tons of fiber and an amazing taste. I tried everything to keep this under control. I once portioned an entire box into 1/2 cup servings. And then I opened the containers and grazed. Kashi = banned. My solution: Mix walnuts into my yogurt instead. All the crunch, none of the addictive behavior.

Fresh Market Veggie Chips. I mean, they’re vegetables, right? Sort of. They started out healthy and then they got fried. These things are good. I mean really good. I walk by the cabinet and can’t resist handfuls. My solution: Carrot sticks, perhaps with some of that healthy hummus. Carrots are crunchy. Hummus is filling. Crisis averted.

Outside the “healthy” category, I simply cannot resist cinnamon Teddy Grahams. And so the processed little bears stay off our pantry shelves.

What “healthy” foods can you not resist? How do you modify so you aren’t depriving yourself? 

16 thoughts on “Personal Demons: The Food Kind.

  1. Where do I begin? I generally avoid buying the things that make me lose my self control. Peanutbutter & Co makes a chocolate peanutbutter that has reasonably healthy ingredients. When I first discovered it, I had PB & J sandwiches twice a day for about a month. In terms of unhealthy items- marshmallows or BBQ Pop Chips don’t stand a chance. I just can’t buy them unless I plan on eating them all. (special ocassions only) Right now I’m smiling at the thought of these favorites- good thing the grocery store is closed for the night 😉
    You are so right about moderation. Even fruit if not eaten in moderation can cause weight gain from all the sugar. Great post!

  2. Hi Nicole! Your chocolate peanut butter has me thinking about Nutella. Mmmmm. Nutella. And delicious Biscoff cookie butter. I had a jar of that a couple of months back that only lasted a week. Yikes!

    Sounds like the two of us need mini-packets only (a la Justins) of sweet spreads. Thanks for sharing. Glad to know I’m not alone!

  3. Cheese. Cheese cheese cheese. There’s plenty of calcium, vitamins and protein in varieties like goat cheese, so I don’t feel too bad eating it added to pasta, on a pizza, with some carrot sticks. (We just posted about this with advice from the RD on our blog.) Like most other things, I control the portions and eat a variety of food.

  4. Great point! I was reading PG Wodehouse( 1920’s) the other day and Wooster asked Jeeves to ‘juice him an orange’. That’s right, ONE orange. Calories from how many oranges are in that 8 oz glass, 4? 5? Another reality check is to look at vintage OJ glasses at garage sales: teeny tiny. So many ‘healthy’ foods were NEVER meant to be consumed in the sizes we’re accustomed to today. One ayervedic expert, Yogi Cameron I think even goes as far as saying that it’s better to eat a small amount of an unhealthy food than too much of a healthy one.

  5. I hadn’t thought about the old juice glasses, but you are so right! They are more like shot glasses. I’m usually at least reasonable when it comes to keeping portions legitimate, but there are just those few things that kill me. And so, I only order OJ on the rare occasion we go out for breakfast. And then I enjoy every sip!

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