Nominated! Very Inspring + Versatile Blogger Awards

Blogging serves a number of purposes in our household. For the sake of brevity, I’ll narrow it down to three:

  • Blogging is  like journalling, but I don’t have to get OCD about my handwriting. All the cathartic moments, no scribbles, White Out or cramping right hand.
  • It solves Vore’s “you never make the same thing twice, and I really liked that fill-in-the-blank” problem. If I write recipes here, they are catalogued and my crazy experiments can be replicated on a whim.
  • Blogging connects you with like-minded people. Folks who get excited to talk about the same things you like. You get to make the coolest friends!
That’s where Jasmine at Paintbox Kitchen comes in. She’s a fellow food blogger who gave me an awesome Saturday surprise–she had nominated me for two awards! These are the Versatile Blogger and the Inspiring Blogger. The rules are for the awards are three-fold: thank the blogger who nominated you; post seven fun facts about yourself; nominate others. I’ll play!

Nominated for an award? whythankyouverymuchjasmine! I’m blushing.

Now on to those 7 (utterly random) things about little old me…

  1. While I don’t teach group fitness anymore, that was my extra money job in grad school. I was a threat on a Spin bike! I am also certified in YogaFit and TurboKick.

    Post TurboKick certification. Sweat much?

  2. I am named for my paternal grandmother, who’s maiden name was Briton. She was from England, and met my grandfather while he was abroad in WWII. God bless her proper British soul, she was sent home to live on a farm in Mississippi.
  3. I’ve run a half marathon. One was enough.
  4. I love to travel. I’ve been to Canada and Mexico several times. I’ve also backpacked through Europe, Australia and New Zealand and visited the Caribbean.
  5. Even thought I loved, loved, loved Bridesmaids, Mean Girls is still my favorite movie. Shallow? Maybe.
  6. Speaking of bridesmaids, I’ve been one 9 times. Our wedding had  11 attendants. I’ve got fab friends!
  7. My first pet was a cat named Woodie. The first street I lived on was High Point Terrace. This makes my stripper name “Woodie High Point.” Could I make that up?

And now, for my nominations for the Versatile and Inspiring Blog Awards:

iGriza. Say hello to the ever-hip Laura at Her blog has grown over time and has all kinds of cool stuff about technology, babies and life in general. Always a fun read!
Every Food Fits. Stacey rocks. In a beautiful moment of serendipity we got to chatting on Twitter a couple of years back. She and I have a lot in common, including a passion for balanced food. She is also an insanely talented photographer who posts equally enticing recipes at 
Frugal Feeding. What a fun blog! The recipes at are always creative, inspiring and cheap–just the way I like them! That little splash of British whit makes reading all the better.
Southern Protocol. Y’all watch out for Lizz. She and I met as displaced girls from the Deep South, living in Dallas. We’re back home now–her in Charleston and me in Birmingham–but our connection stayed tight. She owns an etiquette and wedding planning company and her blog is sure to keep you minding your p’s and q’s.

4 thoughts on “Nominated! Very Inspring + Versatile Blogger Awards

  1. Yay!! I love your riff on this. You chose such fun details to share and I am so excited to check out your blog picks!
    Where have you been in Canada? That’s my home country!

    • It was Dad’s rule that since we live through sweltering summers, we had to vacation somewhere cooler.

      I adore Canada! I’ve been to BC (Whistler/Victoria/Vancouver) twice and to Alberta (Calgary/Lake Louise/Banff) twice. You live in a beautiful, friendly and fabulous place. 🙂

      • Why, thank you! I have a home in Vancouver, did half my degree in Victoria and spent lots of time in Banff growing up and have most of my family in Calgary now.

      • You are one lucky lady! Those are some of the most beautiful places I’ve been. The pictures we have from family trips there don’t even look real!

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