Engagement-A-Versary + Favorite Wedding Gifts for the Kitchen

One year ago today, Vore asked me to marry him.

We were hiking. The proposal was very simple, very private and very us. It was perfect. Your wedding is supposed to be the best day of your life–and in a way it was–but to me, the day we got engaged might have been even better. No pressure, no planning: just bliss.

Our engagement photos, taken last spring at Moss Rock Preserve

Today we are celebrating in the simplest way: I’m making Vore’s favorite cookies for the occasion. (Recipe tomorrow!) In the meantime, I thought I’d share my favorite wedding gifts for the kitchen. Not surprisingly, these are the tools that I use daily.

The Vitamix is the winner by a landslide. And yes, I use a blender almost every day.

Pre-Vita, I broke two blenders in the process of makings smoothies with frozen fruit. And these weren’t cheap blenders either! When my maid-of-honor asked me what I’d like as the hostess gift for my engagement party I dropped a hint for this bad boy. (VitaMixes are crazy spendy, but there were 10 hostesses, so it made the gift cost reasonable.)

Vitamix = Best. Gift. Ever.

I use it to make smoothies, sauces, soup…you name it. My Vita eats ice for breakfast. It’s motor is referred to as the “chainsaw of the kitchen.” In my opinion, the reputation is earned.

GlassLock storage containers. I’m weirded out by plastic in the microwave. What’s leaching into our food? These glass containers take away that worry. They also seal extra tight, keeping air out of leftovers and making them last longer.

Le Creuset non-stick frying pans. These were a swap after we got a random, unusable and expensive gift from a local kitchen boutique. The owner swore these were the best non-stick pans she’d ever used and I’d have to agree. From eggs to grilled cheese, I give these guys a workout.

Wusthoff chef’s knife. How did I ever survive without a real kitchen knife? We also received a set of task-specific Henkels, but this is my go-to knife. If fits my hand perfectly.

Skyros Legado dinnerwareI already had my grandmother’s set of everyday wear in Blue Danube (You can see it here) so I wanted our pattern to be something extra casual and cozy. I love the “R” monogram for our last name. Perfection.

If you’re married, what were you favorite wedding gifts? What do you use daily? 

5 thoughts on “Engagement-A-Versary + Favorite Wedding Gifts for the Kitchen

  1. Your plates are beautiful!
    I love my kitchen aid mixer. It gets a lot of use & I love how it looks on the counter. I also have a set of all-clad utensils that I use daily. All my Pyrex bakeware & bowls get a lot of love too. How did I ever survive without them?

  2. We have a longer engagement so our one year engagement-a-versary will be before our wedding date! We’ve been having so much fun registering, and I was tempted to register for a Vitamix, but I felt like no one would want to buy that. I never thought about multiple people going in for one though. We’ve already gotten our Kitchen Aid stand mixer and have been using it regularly!

    • We were crazy–got engaged in March and married in July. We were just so ready! (and we didn’t want to bump into football season, which some consider a Southern no-no) Don’t be afraid to register for that VitaMix…you could always take a few things back and compile the credit to get it. I did that with a Dyson.

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