Does Latisse Work?

My name is Britt and I have a dermatologist addiction.

Perhaps I have guinea pig in my blood. Or maybe I’m just curious? But when Vore and I got engaged, it all got ramped up a notch. I went on a self-betterment campaign, mostly involving my face. In the past year, I have tried a chemical peel (horrific pain, scary peeling), Retina A (massive skin irritation), microdermabrasion (like this, but no major results)  and IPL photo facials (love!)

Beyond that bridal glow, I had it in my head that lush lashes were a must for the wedding day. Enter Latisse.

I’ve never had much in the way of eyelashes. Naturally, they are semi-thick and dark, but short. I started using Latisse a year ago, with the intention of cutting it off after the wedding. The stuff is pricey, but man did it work! After three months, I had to drop back to every other day because my lashes were too long. And now I’m addicted. Stopping after the wedding just didn’t happen.

Commonly asked questions:

Does it change your eye color? My dermatologist did warn me about this possibility. I have light blue eyes and I’ve been using it for a year. No difference.

Does it irritate your eyes? My eyes did get a little red and itchy for the first couple of weeks, but beyond that, no biggie.

How long does it take to work? It was about a month before I saw any change. At three months I had monster lashes and had to scale back to three doses per week. That maintains the length without them growing past my eyebrows, which I consider scary.

How long does a tube last? With daily use, mine lasted about 2 months. But that’s because I squandered the stuff. More on that in the section below. After a year, I’m on my 4th tube.


  • Never pay full price for Latisse. I certainly haven’t–it’s $120 for a teeny tiny bottle! We have several local spas operated by dermatologists who will gladly write your prescription.They often have buy one, get one free deals. Call around, then stock up.
  • The pack comes with two brushes for each day. Hogwash! Use only one brush per day. Do you honestly think you will cross contaminate your own eyes?
  • Don’t drench the brush with the drops. Just a dab will do you. You don’t have to soak your lash line, just dampen it.
  • Spread leftovers on your eyebrows. Latisse will thicken them too!

Have you tried Latisse? Were your results as magical as mine?


6 thoughts on “Does Latisse Work?

  1. FACINATING post. I have long wondered about this and am thrilled to have found a first person account. What colour did your doc say your eye colour could change to darker or lighter?
    Any risks with long term use?

    • She said there is a risk of light eyes staining brown permanently. Latisse actually started off as a glaucoma medicine, and that’s where they saw the eye color change. But the patients were putting actual drops into their eyes multiple times a day, not smearing a little on their lashes. The doc said the risk was very low.

      Other than color change, I don’t know of any long term risk. And rumor has it Latisse is WAY cheaper in Canada. Lucky you. 🙂

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