Hills From Hell (and a Recovery Drink When You Finish).

The original Hill From Hell is down the street from my parents’ house.

It’s a drop off to the Cahaba River that some fool paved. It’s beyond steep. As in not-runable-for-more-than-5-seconds steep. But power-walking up it gets your tush like nothing else. Mom, can I get an amen?

Let’s back up a minute, to the last time I lived with my parents. I was in grad school. I read a lot, babysat for two families and taught spin classes. Still, I was somehow rolling around in free time. I exercised all the time, mostly because I was sick of reading Faulkner or whatever complex, theoretical literature they assign upper level English students. I was famous for rocking two fitness classes a day–maybe even walking the hill from hell for good measure.

Fast forward. I am a new wife and a new business owner. This business has one employee: me. I work a lot. I cook and clean and try to hang out with that cute husband I scored. The time in the “exercise” portion of my calendar shrunk.

So how’s a girl to get a killer workout in 30 minutes? Revisit hills from hell, naturally. Good news is, there’s a wicked slope in my neighborhood. Bonus for not having to drive anywhere to sweat.

Try this interval on for size and tell me you aren’t begging for mercy at the end.

Wicked Hill from Hell Work











I run from my house to the neighborhoods across the street. It takes about 3 minutes to get from my door to the first hill. From there on, it’s almost equal amounts of uphill and downhill roads. These are definitely hilly, but not killer. It takes me about 23 minutes to make the loop and get back to my neighborhood Hill from Hell. From there on the plan is simple: Get up as fast as you can, the recover on the way down. Repeat. How was it?

I’d say you need a recovery drink as a reward! If you agree, get your smoothie on:

Green Smoothie:

1/4 cup cooked spinach

1 small frozen banana, sliced

1 cup almond milk

1 scoop vanilla protein powder

Stevia to taste

*Throw all the ingredients in the bender and mix away.

(Random side note: I’ve discovered the cooked spinach is less detectable in smoothies than raw. Go figure.)

Do you have a hill from hell? What motivates you to get up it? 


6 thoughts on “Hills From Hell (and a Recovery Drink When You Finish).

  1. We have almost no hills here, but with any intense exercise, I like to break things into smaller parts. Like if I’m training for a marathon and running 12 miles for a training run, I think of the first three miles as a warm up. Then I only feel like my run is 9 miles (much easier 😉 ) I take breaks for water or food at regular intervals and change up my music and pace too.
    Food is a great motivator for me or a long term goal like a race. It helps to have a deadline so you can’t put off workouts to another day 🙂

  2. I love raw spinach smoothies- I add coconut milk, cashews, and matcha powder to mine. If you’re not a big fan of green tea, omit it… but it’s really tasty! I’d be happy to share some if you’d like to try before you buy!

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