Father’s Day Recap + Easy Berry Infused Liqueur

I have the most awesome Dad. He raised me right. He can fix things. He still calls me “Princess” in a mostly sarcastic way. The older I get, the cooler I think Dad is.

Getting ready to walk me down the aisle.

His fatal flaw? Buying gifts for the man is near impossible. If he wants anything, he drives out and aquires it. In his effort to be low maintenance, he becomes quite the opposite.

And so, with relatively certainty, I bake for Father’s Day. This year was no exception.

Wonky (yet delicious!) coconut cake.

Friday night, Vore and I went to Chez Fon Fon and treated ourselves to dessert. The coconut cake was divine! Since that happens to be Dad’s favorite dessert, inspiration struck. When we got home, I pulled out my Frank Stitt cookbook. Low and behold, there was Frank’s recipe for the coconut cake we had at Fon Fon earlier! Done.

As for the gift, that had been brewing in the fridge for a week.

Not long ago, the parents went on a trip.

Dad had a blackberry martini, which he can’t stop raving about. They went out in search of blackberry liqueur, and didn’t find it at the package store. I decided to infuse my own.

Here’s how to do it…

How beautiful is the color? It all came out of the berries.

Pull out a jar and add 1 cup berries.

Pour 2 cups vodka on top and place the jar in the back of the fridge, out of your way.

Ignore it for a week.

Put a funnel in a clean jar, then dump the contents of your vodka potion.

Save the berries.

Ta-da! Flavored vodka.

If you’d like to tone it down a bit, add 1/2 cup simple syrup to your filtered vodka.

I saved a couple of kombucha bottles for packaging purposes. (It’s WAY expensive, so might as well get extra use out of the container!)

Feeling super green and resourceful, I ventured out on the porch and picked some mint/basil to include in the final basket. I also packaged the vodka soaked berries, so they could be frozen and used as lovely, boozy ice cubes.

Here’s the final package. In the spirit of recycling, the white basket is from the Farmer’s Market. The blackberries came in it…

The contents were well-received! My mom made you a drink. Enjoy!

How would you use infused spirits? And more importantly, what did you do to honor your Dad on Father’s Day?

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