Boston Top Food Picks: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Vore and I are not ones to fly by the seat of our proverbial pants. When it comes to travel, the two of us truly enjoy the research part of a trip. Where should we eat? What should we do? You better believe we’ve read blogs, Trip Advisor and guidebooks from the library. We always have a rough plan before we land at our destination. Last weekend in Boston was no exception.

We ate like a king and a queen in Beantown. Here are the places we’d hurry back to visit.

 Breakfast: The Thinking Cup (165 Tremont Street)

This was the wild card of the trip. Saturday morning, we scheduled what I like to call “planned spontaneity.” That’s where you work something unexpected into your otherwise meticulously planned trip. Clever!

We left our hotel, wandering for a quick breakfast and stumbled upon this park side gem. Inside, we found a cozy shop with delicious lattes and a breakfast burrito that made this Veggie very happy. Vore made short work of a bacon, egg and cheese bagel. And the coffee? So good, we went back the next morning for another. Planned spontaneity for the win.

Runner up: North Street Grill (229 North Street) for brunch.

This tiny North End restaurant is just up the hill from Paul Revere’s house. It’s a hole-in-the-wall, with nary a tourist in site. Everything that came out of the kitchen looked spectacular.

Our food was on the heavy side, but the chocolate chip cookie dough pancake we shared was nothing short of memorable.

Lunch: Clover Food Lab (7 Holyoke Street)

Each half of a couple must make concessions when traveling. Clover was Vore’s sacrifice. Or so he thought…

Knowing we had a steakhouse dinner planned, I requested a completely vegetarian meal. We rode the T out to Cambridge in search of Clover, a food-truck-turned- bricks and mortar restaurant that commands the veggie love on reviews.

Their website adds a bit of mystery. It’s a hard to navigate blog. Menus change daily, so there’s no use trying to figure out what your options are. I took a leap of faith.

Oh. My. Goodness.

Vore had the chickpea fritter sandwich with rosemary fries. I had the parsnip cheddar sandwich with carrot citrus salad. I ordered hibiscus tea for good measure.

People, this place was amazing. Vore declared it one of the best meals we’ve ever had, hands down. The vibe is mod, hipster and awesome. Go to Cambridge and go to Clover. Do it.

Dinner: Grill 23 (161 Berkeley Street)

Vore had a hard time deciding on his dinner pick. Smith and Wollensky or Grill 23? Both got amazing reviews. In the end, Grille 23 won because, even though we don’t have it at home, S & W is a chain. Our rule is that while traveling, chains are only acceptable if you are at the flagship location.

Turns out, the area right behind our hotel has been dubbed “Carnivore’s Corner,” because of all the steakhouses in area. Smith and Wollensky was on the way, so we had a drink there to satisfy curiosity.

<——–It’s in a castle after all.


The interior was historic and gorgeous. At the urging of the bartender, we took a self-guided trip to the private dining rooms. Worth it. The place is gorgeous.

Then we were on to Grille 23. It’s such a pretty place—masculine and dark, but welcoming. We employed our steakhouse trick. Vore ordered the New York Strip, roasted mushrooms, broccoli gratin, tots and Romano beans. I ordered an empty plate.

We shared the sides and savored every single bite. Each had a familiar flavor with a unique twist. None was overpowering. They worked together. Purely awesome.

And then there was the bread pudding we split for dessert. We pretty much rolled ourselves the two blocks back to the hotel.

Runner up: I chose Sonsie (327 Newbury Street) because Tina of Carrots ‘N Cake suggested it for the vibe. She nailed it! This was our Saturday night destination and it was divine for people watching.

When you travel, do you go with a plan? What’s your favorite Boston restaurant?


4 thoughts on “Boston Top Food Picks: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

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  2. This was so great to read about all these restaurants. I am with you on the “chain restaurant” rule…I always try to eat local as well. 🙂

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