Ain’t It Funny How a Melody…

…Can bring back your mojo?

This  morning, I set out to complete my hills from hell circuit. Even though I started at 7:30 a.m., it was sweltering. As I approached the final hill–the big nasty one you sprint three times–I was tempted to head home. And then this came on my iPod.

Instantly, I was a bad-a. I ate those hills for breakfast. (Actually, I had a spinach + cheddar omelet for breakfast, but nevermind that.) The song pushed me up the hill.

What motivates you when you’re ready to quit? Do you have a song that pushes you a little harder? Do tell! I’m always in search of new iPod material.


2 thoughts on “Ain’t It Funny How a Melody…

  1. Christina Aguilera- she sings with such passion! It seems like it would be too slow but it helps me pace myself and pushes me forward 🙂

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