Rhode Island Top Food Picks

There’s another world just a short drive from Boston. Say hello to beautiful Rhode Island! We had plenty of adventures in this tiny state, but first things first: FOOD.

Breakfast. People’s Cafe (282 Thames Street, Newport)

After taking the train from Boston, our first outing was Newport. I absolutely loved this town.

We stopped here for breakfast. Best I can tell, People’s Cafe use to be a bank. The menu was veggie friendly and the coffee tasted great–a perfect welcome.

Lunch: Small Point Cafe ( 230 Westminster Street, Providence)

Back over in Providence, Vore’s business stuff left me alone for a few hours. I stumbled across Small Point on a walk from our hotel. I loved it so much I actually had breakfast AND lunch here. Small Point is all about two things: local food and gourmet coffee. I’ve never seen anything like it. Check out their coffee prep:

The first is a syphon method. It looks a scientific–or maybe a little like a bong? Nevermind all that. There’s fire! Beverages brewed with butane get cool points in my book. The second is a Chemex, which claims to be the chemist’s approach to coffee brewing.

French press is about as fancy as I get, but darn if these weren’t fascinating. Big props to the guys who worked at Small Point for seeing my interest in production and letting me snap a few pictures. I love it when staff is passionate about what they are selling.

The coffee was flat out amazing, as was the bagel with fresh eggs I had on day one. The tomato and RI mozzarella sandwich I snagged on day two rocked. You can taste how fresh everything is. If I lived in Providence, I’d be in Small Point daily.

Dinner: CAV (14 Imperial Place; Providence)

CAV is an acronym for “Cocktails/Antiques/Victuals,”and that’s precisely what you get. The space is in an industrial area of Providence and used to be a warehouse. My, did it get an upgrade!

The building is filled with funky antiques and African artifacts, all for sale. The ceiling is dripping with crystal. I would definitely call this a “dinner experience”.

We shared goat cheese croquettes with balsamic reduction to start. For our mains, I had the caramelized onion ravioli and Vore went for the daily fish special. All divine.

I’ll leave you with a beauty shot of CAV’s Interior. It sparkles.

When you travel, what do you look for in a restaurant? Is the food a big part of your experience?


10 thoughts on “Rhode Island Top Food Picks

    • I can absolutely see you in Rhode Island! I agree…if more shops started popping up in the Ham I would be there in a heartbeat. We do have some gems though–Urban Standard, Bottle Tree, Bettola…

  1. Seems like some really cool places! Food is definitely high priority when we travel – I am known to have scoured the internet for new and fun places to eat before we go anywhere!

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  3. Thanks for the great story! Providence has great eats all around and tons of excellent options for vegetarians; so many that PETA named us the #9 city for veggies/vegans. (The more you know 😉
    @providenceri; goprovidence.com

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