I’m almost done with the vacation postings. Promise. We’ll be back to regularly scheduled food stuff in no time, but I just couldn’t resist sharing the fun we had in Rhode Island.

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Our activity list in Rhode Island wasn’t quite as adventurous as our jaunt to Boston, mostly because Vore was in Providence for business. Both of us actually had to work a little.

But good times were had. We started in Newport, touring guilded age mansions.

Of all the gorgeous castles homes in Newport, a handful are open to the public. We visited Rosecliff and the Breakers. As you can see above, it was rainy. And windy.

We were given a headsets for a self guided tour at each home. The tapes are filled with trivia and fun facts about the owners and the era. The houses are rich with history; absolutely worth a visit.

Thankfully, the rain subsided while we were inside. We were off to The Cliff Walk. 

This was perhaps our favorite adventure of the entire trip. The trail snakes along behind the mansions, both public and private, and provides gorgeous views of the craggy coastline. We walked all 3.5 miles of it, and the the entire way back. I wore sandals. Stupid is as stupid does.

Back in Providence, I was left alone for a few hours. I took a taxi to the Culinary Arts Museum at Johnson and Wales. 

This was a treasure trove of culinary memorabilia. Current exhibits include the history of diners, the state fair, cooking instruments, and my favorite…presidential menus. What was served at Abraham Lincoln’s inauguration? You’ll have to visit the museum to find out.

While in Providence, we also trekked up the super steep College Hill to visit Brown University, a lovely place. We discovered Thayer Street and ate cannolis in Federal Hill. We snagged lunch from a food truck and got funky in DownCity art district. That’s where I got an awesome souvenir t-shirt in Craftland. It reads “Don’t mess with Rhode Island either.”

Take that, Texas. Our trip revealed that the little guys are pretty awesome, too.

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