Graceland! And other Memphis Adventures.

Last weekend, Vore and I went to Memphis. It was only 24-hours, but we had fun!

Exhibit A: 

Veggie + Vore at Graceland.

Ever the researched tourists, we did a good bit of Googling before we pulled on our blue suede shoes and headed for the land of delta blues. Here’s what we did:

1. Graceland.

I’ve been to Memphis several times, but for whatever reason hadn’t made it to Graceland. Vore and I had visions of driving up and taking a quick tour. We had NO IDEA how many people would be there, or all the hullabaloo surrounding a relatively small house.

A few things to know before you go: 

  • Graceland is way pricey. We bought tickets to tour the house, garage, and planes. This “platinum” package was $36 a piece. Flash your AAA card for a 10% discount.
  • OMG the line. The line to get a shuttle bus was an hour long and it was deathly hot. I felt like we should have ridden Space Mountain at the end.
  • Headsets are available. These don’t cost anything extra, and the tour guide’s commentary made the goofy looking set up totally worth it.
  • It’s 70s-a-rific! You haven’t lived until you’ve seen peacock stained glass or the Jungle Room. The house is like a time capsule. Loved it!
  • Don’t skip the automobile museum. Or the private planes for that matter. It’s cool to get a look at Elvis’ toys.
  • Start to finish, Graceland took us 2.5 hours. I thought we would be in and out in an hour. No way! Consequently, I was insanely hungry before we left. Which brings me to our next stop…

2. The Arcade and South Main. 

The Arcade just so happens to be the oldest restaurant in Memphis. It’s got the cutest diner feel–the whole place is oozing with nostalgia. I’m confident kids would be all over the menu and the charm. The sandwiches were nothing to write home about, but the street where the Arcade stands is.

The South Main Historic District was perhaps my favorite area of Memphis. The neighborhood is teaming with trolley cars, quaint shops and old school feel. Super cute.

While you’re there, take a short walk to the Lorraine Hotel, to honor the spot where we lost Dr. Martin Luther King. It’s a sober place to pay respects. You can feel the history surrounding you.

3.  Peabody Hotel.

Come for the ducks. Stay for the drinks.

There’s a whole lot of pageantry surrounding these ugly ducklings. (Sorry–they aren’t the prettiest things.) Each day at 5 o’clock, the Duck Master summons the ducks out of their swimming spot in the lobby fountain. With much fan fair, the ducks parade down a red carpet to the elevator. They ride up to the rooftop where they stay the night in their super-fancy bird house.

You can follow them up to the roof and enjoy sweeping views of Memphis and the Mississippi River, all while sipping a cocktail. It made for a great evening.

What’s your favorite Memphis spot? Have you taken any fun 24-hour trips lately?

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