Hill Sprints: Easy as One, Two, Tree!

Today was the stuff dreams are made of. For once in this Alabama summer, it was pleasant outside–clear, low humidity and a high in the 80s. Bliss.

Around 9, I decided to embrace the sunshine and set out for a run. I covered 4.5  miles, but was left wanting a little more.

I thought up a little game for a finisher. Hill sprints!

From all my posting about high intensity intervals, you would think that I just love them. Not true. Tabata sprints and hills from hell are straight up misery. But they get great results.

Today’s, distraction was landmarks. I started at a rock:

Then ran for the trees at the top of the hill:

The trees were planted about 10 yards apart. (hard to see from this perspective, but they are evenly spaced.)

Sprint 1: Go to the farthest tree. Jog down to the rock.

Sprint 2: Hit the middle tree, then the rock again.

Sprint 3: Dash to the last tree, jog to the rock, praise the Lord you are done.

While I might have been tempted to quit after I sucked wind on sprint #1, by golly I had a goal and I’d sooner choke on my Nikes than quit. I rocked all three sprints.

Do you cook up creative ways to ensure you don’t quit? Birmingham folks, bonus points if you can identify this hill. It’s well traveled.


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