Secret Ingredient

Do you ever watch Iron Chef? Okay, so I don’t really watch it much either, but I’m fascinated with the premise. The “food battles” are themed around a secret ingredient, which is revealed at competition start. (This video will give you the gist.) The ingredient may play a starring role, or it may be hidden the dish.

I’m on a secret ingredient kick lately, in the hiding sense. It’s so fun to be sneaky! How about an example? Let’s say we’re making ice cream. The ingredients are:

Cream, egg yolks, sugar and…corn! Zinger!

Will you join me as I chat about my personal Iron-Chef-ery? In the words of the nimble chairman: Allez Cuisine!

Secret Ingredient 1: Battle Corn!

Not too long ago, I saw Stacey post that she had tasted One Vanilla Bean’s fresh summer corn ice cream, saying it was “one of the most surprising dishes I’ve eaten – ever!” You know I had to try it.

My crazy family was due for one of our themed-parties. This time: “Farmer’s Market.” Corn ice cream seemed the perfect fit.

The family, always up for an experiment, gave this two sticky thumbs up. The corn is there, but it’s not overpowering. And veggies in your ice cream? That’s health food.

Secret Ingredient 2: Battle Cauliflower! 

Let’s face it: using cauliflower as a shape shifter isn’t the world’s newest concept. Atkins Diet “mashed potatoes” anyone? But I do LOVE cauliflower. Wheat pizza crust LOVES to stick to my hips. So when I saw Brittany post this recipe for cauliflower pizza crust, I decided to give it a whirl.

I made the crust as instructed, then topped with an eggplant, cherry tomato and onion roast + blobs of goat cheese. Yum! I don’t think you’re going to fool anyone to think this is normal pizza crust, but it’s an absolutely wonderful alternative to traditional pie.

Secret Ingredient 3: Battle Beans! 

I saved the sneakiest ingredient for last: beans! More specifically, beans in cookie pie.

Yes, I’m serious. Now pick your jaw up and hear me out. I finally caved and tried Chocolate Covered Katie’s Deep Dish Cookie Pie. Then I did the unthinkable. I served it to the husband without saying a word. Vore…you’re getting sleeeeeeeeepy…

He was mesmorized by this cookie pie. And I was too! I used dry beans cooked without salt, and I promise, there wasn’t even a hint of beany-ness. Just delicious pie.

Now then, I must know: What’s your go-to secret ingredient? 

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