The most important (manly) meal of the day.

I’ve started a bad pattern in our marriage. Let me explain.

I am an annoying, perky morning person. Vore is not. Perhaps related is the fact that he’s never been a huge breakfast eater. Before we married, his weekday standard was a Greek yogurt eaten at his desk, which often left him hungry mid-morning.

You know I wasn’t having that.

I am usually up first in the morning. I work until I hear the shower click on, then I take a few minutes to put a decent breakfast together for my man.

I send him out the door with a kiss and a cup of coffee. June Cleaver? I’d like to think so. He eats whatever I made while he sits in traffic. Care to see a sampling of a week?

Weekends are more leisurely, but you can see that weekday meals are infinitely portable.

Sunday: Pancakes, strawberries and bacon (@home)

Monday: Ezekiel muffin, almond butter, banana and honey

Tuesday: Biscuit with chicken and cheese, honey crisp

Wednesday: Egg and pancetta sandwich, raspberries

Thursday: Egg and cheese quesadilla, figs

Friday: Oatmeal muffin with cheese, banana

Saturday:Vore’s favorite weekend oats (@home)

Did the smiley face get you? Those are blueberries, removed prior to eating. I’m hilarious.

Beyond the meals you see above, I’ve also been known to pull out pita pockets and smoothies. I often use leftovers from the night before, like the biscuit I made to go with Monday supper. The kicker? Not one of these meals took more than 15 minutes to prep. And they’ve got a lot more staying power than a 100 calorie Greek yogurt.

Yes, I know making a hot breakfast will be harder when we have kids. But right now, it’s a small thing I love doing to make my man’s commute more pleasant. It’s a bonus that his stomach isn’t grumbling an hour after he eats.

Who preps breakfast in your family? What’s your favorite quick/portable meal? 


3 thoughts on “The most important (manly) meal of the day.

  1. These are fabulous ideas! I’m lucky that my husband brings the baby downstairs and makes breakfast for all of us while I shower. It’s a real treat every day to get served a cup of coffee and an egg on my homemade bread and jam – or a hot bowl of oatmeal with a sliver of cream cheese on top! – before the craziness of the day sets in.

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