Behold, the Power of Vodka.

Mom, if you’re listening, EAR MUFFS. I am, and always have been, an angelic child.

Now then…What was I saying? Oh yes: VODKA. In college, vodka was my drink of choice. I favored the cheap kind mixed with delicacies like gas station lemonade and Sprite. Mmmmmmm. Fancy! These days, I rarely drink the stuff, but I do have a stash of it.

Perhaps that’s why this article from EcoSalon caught my attention. You mean I can employ that vodka for something other than drinking? Don’t mind if I do! Here are three ways I’ve been using spirits these days:

Jewelry Cleaner: 100 years ago, I worked in the jewelry department at Saks. I learned that Dawn and a soft toothbrush are a diamond’s best friend. (Or any stone…Or any grimy piece of jewelry for that matter!) But a pre-soak in vodka? Turns out, that gets all the yucky stuff loose and ready to brush right off. It’s genius. Vodka is a fabulous cleaner.

Clothing Deodorizer: Perhaps I shouldn’t admit this. Don’t judge me. But good gosh my workout clothes stink! Sometimes the washer doesn’t get all the funk out. I had been using a Febreeze laundry treatment, but then got a little wigged out by its not-so-natural-ness in proximity to my skin. According to EcoSalon, “Vodka has anti-bacterial properties that get rid of the smell, surprisingly without leaving any vestiges of vodka aroma behind.” I mixed vodka and water in a little spray bottle and went to town. Dude: It works!

Light Pie Crust: Oh, Cooking Light. You’re my go to. [Random side note: The dish in this picture came from the Cooking Light Foodie Garage Sale a few weeks ago in Birmingham. Love!] When they teased me with the knowledge that vodka adds moisture to crust without the need for added fat, I was game to try. It’s fabulously flakey! And bonus: The alcohol bakes off in the oven. The folks at the Baptist Bake Sale will never know booze was there!

How do you use vodka, other than for sipping?  


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