Polenta, Please!

Polenta BitesTis the season for gatherings! Heading to a party often means bringing a snack to share with the group. What to make?

I’ve found that at get togethers, bite size treats usually disappear first. It’s logical. Who wants to shuffle a knife and fork when you are already trying to hold an appetizer, napkin and glass of wine? So when I make party treats, they are usually either mini or in dip form. Because you know I have to have the most-eaten party snack.

I developed these two-bite polenta cakes for the Magic City Post. Bake a small amount the polenta mixture in muffin tins to create “crostini,” then get to topping. This time around, cream cheese acts like the “glue,” holding your toppings in place. I’ve also tried jelly + crumbly cheese + pear sliver with great success. Trust me, they disappear quickly at parties!

Here’s a round up of my holiday recipes for MCP: 

Sour Cream Polenta Crostini

Honey Walnut Goat Cheese Dip

Pumpkin Spice Baby Bites

What’s your go-to party treat?


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