Tried It: Samoas Girl Scout Cookie Pie

While I like to play in the kitchen to create my own recipes, I read a bevy of magazines and food blogs for inspiration. I make other folks’ recipes all the time, and I thought it might be fun to share the extra good ones I find.

Avocado Tart 1I’ve been reading about recipes that use avocado as “cream” or “pudding” for ages. When Chocolate Covered Katie’s recipe for Samoas Girl Scout Cookie Pie came through, I finally gave in and tried it.

I only had one avocado on hand, so I cut the recipe in half and prepared the pie in 4 individual tart pans. It worked perfectly! Since they were frozen, it was easy to just pick these up and eat them like cookies, which was just fine with us!

I didn’t bother telling Vore that there was anything awry with these Samoas until there were only a couple of bites left in his second serving. He shrugged, said “really?” and kept eating. I’d say it’s a winner!


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