What Do I Feed a Vegetarian for Dinner? Part 2

Bottega 1

Fabulous example of a veggie plate at Birmingham’s Bottega

Yesterday, I shared a few tips for hosting a vegetarian. Now then, are you ready to eat? I pulled out my trusty recipe files to find favorites I’ve called on again and again, and have listed them below. There are two ways to approach this: vegetarian main course or side items paired to make an entree.

Option 1: We’re All Eating Veggie! 

These robust recipes shouldn’t make meat eaters feel like they’re missing anything. Each can be paired with a simple salad to make a complete meal.

Vegetarian Chili, Cooking Light

Ultimate Vegan Lentil Walnut Loaf, Oh She Glows

Spinach-Mushroom Skillet Enchiladas, Cooking Light

*Artichoke, Spinach and Feta Stuffed Shells, Cooking Light

Spinach and Black Bean Lasagna, Southern Living

Crepes with Ratatouille, Cooking Light 

Mushroom and Roasted Red Pepper Tarts, Cooking Light

*This was the first meal I ever served Vore. Turns out, he doesn’t love tomato sauce, yet he still ate his entire plate. He must have liked me!

Option 2: Make a Meat Main Dish and Plenty of Sides

I love a vegetable plate. Choose three of these and voila–you have a meal! For example,  Baby Blue Salad + Roasted Cauliflower + Pink Eyed Peas would make a delicious plate.

Baby Blue Salad, Southern Living

Zesty Broccoli Casserole, Cooking Light

Feisty Green Beans, 101 Cookbooks

Pinked Eyed Peas with Smoked Paprika, Cooking Light

Cheesy Black Bean Mash, Southern Living

Roasted Cauliflower with Browned Butter, Cooking Light

Creamy Light Macaroni and Cheese, Cooking Light

What’s your favorite vegetarian recipe? 

3 thoughts on “What Do I Feed a Vegetarian for Dinner? Part 2

  1. I am enjoying these posts 🙂
    One thing I try when cooking for vegetarians OR people with other diet restrictions (gluten free, dairy free, etc.) is to try to first thing of recipes/meals which are “naturally” vegetarian, or gluten free, etc. It’s so much easier than trying to “convert” my meaty or gluteny recipes and turning out something disgusting. 🙂

    A lot of my meals are naturally vegetarian, just because they’re yummy! But then I also enjoy eating meat as well.

    • That’s such a smart approach, Bonnie! Hopefully most cooks have a favorite vegetarian recipe–they just haven’t thought of it that way yet!

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