The World’s Best Biscuit Pan

CL Biscuits 2

I’m not sure I made mention of it here, but we lost my sweet Gran in February, just three days shy of her 91st birthday. Gran was the kind of person I aspire to be–a loving wife and mother, a dedicated leader in her church and a positive person who spoke only kind words. I think of her every day.

Our family is full of sentimental souls, and that was more than apparent when we all made our requests of her things we’d like to keep as memories. Everyone asked for something with personal meaning. Audubon nature guides went to my brother, Gran’s sewing scissors for my mom. I chose her collection of Reader’s Digest condensed novels, which were marked on the spine with a sticker after she had read them, and also her skillets.

I ended up with two pieces of cookware–an 8 inch cornbread pan that she used pretty much daily, and a thick bottomed, flat piece of cast iron with a handle. The latter was passed down from my great grandmother and is used for making biscuits. It’s a treasure.


Gran and me feeding Bambi the deer, one of many animals on their farm.

As a child, I often spent Friday nights with my grandparents and always requested biscuits for breakfast on Saturday. Granddad and I would go out to feed the farm animals and when we returned, Gran would have fresh biscuits ready on this pan. We ate them with her homemade jelly or gravy, depending if we preferred savory or sweet that day. It’s a beautiful childhood memory for me.

I’ve had the pan tucked away for quite some time now, not really having the heart to use it. This morning, I woke up a bit earlier than I meant to, and thought it was high time to celebrate my Gran with a plate of fresh biscuits.

I used this recipe from Cooking Light to save time, which Gran would have appreciated. It’s got an ingenious method for eliminating the “cut butter into flour” step and I thought worked just right. I’d recommend it for a weekday breakfast where time is a factor.

I’m curious–do you have any treasured cooking tools passed down through your family? Isn’t it amazing the memories they conjure up?

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