Weekend Find: Green Garlic

Green Garlic Lo-Res 1

Glorious green garlic, 3 treasured scapes hiding in the greens.

At Pepper Place Market last Saturday, I got a little distracted. (Not a rare occurrence.) We were late arriving, and to be quite frank, the stalls were looking picked over. And then I saw these beauties. Just look at those gorgeous blooms. But what was it?

The kind hippie farmer behind the table informed me it was organically grown green garlic, something like a cross between garlic and onion. SOLD.

Back at home, a quick search on Organic Authority gave me this synopsis: “Green garlic – sometimes called spring garlic or baby garlic…is young garlic which is harvested before the cloves have begun to mature. What results is a vegetable that resembles a scallion, with a deep green stalk and a pale white bulb – yet the flavor is that of mild garlic.”


Sounds tasty, no? I used my green garlic in two ways this weekend:

  1. Chopped the top part of the stalks–the stuff that looks like chives–and mixed them in to smashed potatoes. We loved the garlicy onion flavor that added. A winner.
  2. Tossed the bulbs and the meatier part of the stalk in with vegetables for roasting. You could really smell the garlic as they cooked! I was impressed with the flavor, but sad I left onions out of the mix. I thought the green garlic would be a replacement. Not so much.

Have you tried green garlic? If you run across it at the farmer’s market, I’d highly recommend giving it a gamble. We were impressed!

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