Foodies Take NYC

A couple of weeks ago, Vore and I went on an adventure. His extended family was having a get together at the beach in New Jersey, so the two us us decided to head up a little early to explore an old favorite–New York City, and a new spot–Philadelphia. This post is all about our food adventures in NYC.

NYC Collage

We stayed in New York (at the W, which I adore) for three days and pretty much ate our way around the city. A good bit of the collage above showcases the food tour we took in Greenwich Village. Foods of New York Tours came highly recommended from a friend, and I in turn would highly recommend it to you. It’s such a cool way to learn about the neighborhoods.

I wasn’t the queen of taking pictures while we where there, but the collage above gives you a sampling. Here’s what’s pictured:

  1. The original Shake Shake at Madison Square Park. Mmmm. The shroom burger!
  2. Food tour: Joe’s Pizza – A classic pizzeria with a secret ingredient: NYC water.
  3. Food tour: Vore enjoying his slice at Joe’s
  4. Food tour: Eating my bites at Murray’s Cheese Shop
  5. Food tour: Milk & Cookies
  6. Food tour: Olivier & Co
  7. Central Park Boathouse
  8. Food tour: the open hearth at Rafele
  9. Molly’s Cupcakes in Greenwich Village

Now then, on the the goodies. Here were our top three NYC picks from this trip. (I’ve been to NY 8 times, and I think I would faint trying to pick a favorite restaurant!)

  1. The Stanton Social. You guys, this was one of the best meals I have had ever, in my whole life. Vore agreed. We were a little leery of the tapas style approach, but ended up being enchanted. Chris Santos nailed it with this Lower East side gem. It’s creative, but not too creative, and just flat out delicious. EAT HERE. That is all.
  2. Central Park Boathouse. Please have a weekend brunch here. The food is grand, but the view…Oh it’s just amazing! We sat on the patio, which hangs out over the paddle boat lake. Remember when Carrie Bradshaw fell in the water trying not to kiss Big? It was here! You’ll love a relaxing Saturday morning right in the middle of the park. We did, right before walking the few blocks to the Met, for an afternoon exploring art. How cultured!
  3. Butter. You just feel cool walking into Butter. This NoHo spot has sweeping ceilings, birch tree decor and a vibe that we fell in love with. We ordered from the New York Restaurant Week menu (a stellar prix fix menu for salad, dinner and dessert) and were not disappointed.

Bonus: Have room for dessert? Of course you do. You need to go to Molly’s Cupcakes in Greenwich Village. We went so far out of our way to get to this little spot and it was beyond worth it. They have a case full of creative cupcakes or you can–get this–build you own! I of course chose the latter, getting the most moist chocolate cake imaginable, buttercream frosting and brownies on top. Yes brownies AND cupcake all in one bite. So good!

What’s your favorite spot in NYC? 

2 thoughts on “Foodies Take NYC

  1. We love NYC! There are so many great dining options that it really is impossible to choose a favorite. We spent the autumn of 2004 living in a tiny 1 bedroom apartment on Horatio Street in the West Village while Sean completed an eight week film workshop. Our favorite spot in our little neighborhood was a tiny Italian restaurant called Piccolo Angolo (near the corner of Hudson & Jane). Their lobster cannelloni is to die for, and everything else we’ve ever had there has been phenomenal. Seriously, it’s the best Italian food I’ve ever had. We even went back there for our anniversary dinner in 2009. And of course, you have to hit the Shake Shack! So glad to hear that their veggie option was good! One last place that you should visit if you ever have the chance is the legendary Gramercy Tavern. It’s a top notch dining experience from the moment you walk in the door! Thanks for sharing your culinary tour–I look forward to trying Molly’s Cupcakes. I think I’m the only person who thinks the cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery are disgusting (I threw mine away!). Keep up the great work–I really love reading your blog! xoxo! Kristy D

    • I’ve never been to Gramercy Tavern but have always wanted to try! Thanks for all your good suggestions–sounds like we need a girls’ trip to NYC!

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