Sweet Potato Casserole Yogurt

Sweet Potato Yogurt 1

Congrats! You survived Christmas! I hope yours was as merry as the day we enjoyed with family. Vore and I saw my parents and his mom then relaxed at home for the evening. How’s that for a successful holiday?

If your house is anything like ours, the fridge is absolutely brimming with leftovers. Turkey, ham, dressing, and casserole–one of the sweet potato variety. We eat ours whipped with butter, then topped with a pecan brown sugar crumble. It’s good, but whoa–super sweet.

Today, I got a little creative with the leftovers and thought I would share. I stirred 3 tablespoons of the sweet potato casserole (topping and all) into 6 ounces plain Greek yogurt. I then topped with a teensy bit of the crumble, a few walnuts and a drizzle of agave. What a fun way to reinvent leftover casserole! This could become a new fave.

What are you doing with all the leftovers?


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