Tried It: Tahini Swirl Brownies.

Tahini BrowniesWhen it comes to super strange sounding recipes, I’m like a crow with something shiny. Just. Can’t. Resist. I’ll reference my trials of chocolate mouse made with avocado and corn-based ice cream. And so, when I spotted a recipe for brownies with a tahini topping in my March copy of Cooking Light, I had to try it it.

You’ve experimented with tahini, I hope? It’s sesame seed paste; the stuff that makes hummus taste like hummus. The texture is like extra oily peanut butter, but for whatever reason it has a real dry-your-mouth-out quality, in my opinion. I usually keep tahini on hand, but have always used it for salad dressing, as a binder for veggie burgers or in hummus. I was totally intrigued by the sweet application.

You know what? It worked! I made a few tiny changes to this brownie recipe: I used a little more brown sugar in the tahini mixture, subbed coconut oil for the sesame oil and threw in a handful of chocolate chips. YUM!

What kitchen experiments have you gotten into lately? Were they delicious, or a bust?