I love this jar.

I’m a little nutty about waste. As in, I will go great lengths to avoid contributing to our trash.

Poor Vore. For the first couple of months of our marriage, I would run behind him, pulling recyclables from the trash and saying, (in my best holier-than-though tone) “We recycle!”

Like it or not, he’s a recycler now, too.

Think back to the logo on your recycle bin. You know, the one with the three arrows? REUSE is on there too. That’s where my jars come in.

We go through lots of almond butter, salsa and spaghetti sauce, all packaged in glass. Why would you throw a perfectly good container in the trash? I use these guys a million ways. Here are the top 5:

  1. Storage for my bulk bin goodies, as seen in the image above.
  2. Vessel for liquid lunches. Soup, anyone?
  3. Low-to-the-table vase. Tie a ribbon around a jar for Shabby Chic lovely.
  4. DIY salad dressing shaker.
  5. Protein powder transport. After your workout, add water and shake.

Do you reuse glass jars? What’s your favorite way to reincarnation?